New kid on the blog

This is a blog I made. I’ll try to put stuff in it as I surf the internet so I don’t feel like I’m being unproductive as I read articles on the internet. I’ll also write about stuff that happens to me.

I’m into running, programming, Nintendo, meditating, card tricks, and coffee. But I’ll try to keep this blog impersonal and not like some twitter feed or something.

Summer is here. As much as I want to sit in front of my laptop and browse Reddit for hours a day, I do need to get some productivity done. I’m going to try something  called RescueTime and begin logging my hours of my schedule for the day in an Excel sheet as I work or do anything during the day. What are the important things I need to do? Programming, writing, studying, exercising, socializing, and everything else.  what time do I have for wasting time on YouTube and Reddit or playing video games whether they’re on my laptop or elsewhere?

But I spent forever and a half trying to decide on a blog name, so I think that’s enough blogging for today. Next time, expect longer posts, content, analysis, criticism, and everything in-between.

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