Back to the lab again

I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that I slept for maybe 10 hours last night or the fact that I don’t feel too guilty about it. I thought I was going to “take a nap” around 7:00 pm, but ended up sleeping until midnight. At that point, I decided to just “nap” for four or five more hours. It certainly doesn’t help that my dorm room is like a billion degrees Celsius and I can’t open the window. Maybe I’ve just been lazy cuz I’ve been getting hyped over the new Smash Bros game that’s coming out in the next year or so. During my waking hours, I’ve been watching video after video and obsessing over each post about Smash Bros anyone makes on the internet.

No more excuses. If I’m going to write a blog post, I’m going to write a blog post. Time to get into the swing of things again for my research this summer.

My research has been going pretty well. I’m running my first trial of the protocol that I’ll be using to study the lincRNA of the tomato genome. Though I always dreamed of biology as a way to study animals or bacteria, I’ve never been so excited to study a plant before. Maybe it’s because I’ll finally be able to put my Python skills to the test.

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