Helping other students with Undergraduate Research Awards and Opportunities

My university recently featured me on their webpage for their new Office of Competitive Awards and Research for my recent REU at Cornell University. It’s definitely exciting to get press coverage. And it looks like REU’s are definitely the gift that keeps on giving.

This new office at Indiana University is actually keeping in touch with me to promote research opportunities for other students at my university.

To give a brief background, when I entered Indiana University, I was so obsessed with science that I was almost desperate to join a research lab. After emailing around a few professors, I was offered spot in the Matthew Hahn Lab to study Bioinformatics. Soon enough, I helped a few of my friends get into labs, too, by giving them advice and instructions about how I did it. Later, during my freshman year, I was accepted to a full-time summer internship at Cornell University that paid for transportation, housing, food, and a gave a $5000 stipend. From all of these experiences, I’ve compiled my advice and instructions into a guide from the beginning to the end.

If you’re a college student reading this blog and looking for research opportunities at your university or advice and tips about undergraduate research or you just want to read more about my experience, check out my “Scientific Research Guide” under “My Work” over there on the right.

As for now, I’m currently working on a new approach to my project in my lab. 

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