Guest Post: "3 Tips on Creating More Agile Teams" by Wendy Dessler

If you intend to make your team more agile, it is possible to pull this off if you have the best information guiding your way. Today, we’d like to make it easy to discover the easiest ways to make your team a lot more responsive.

Companies have to break out of their shell and forget about focusing on linear teams. It’s time to change the way that teams function in the business landscape. Many organizations are beginning to adopt the agile approach because collaboration between managers, developers, customers, and other teams make it easier to achieve a company’s overall goals.

So, if you truly want to create an agile team, please use the tips that we are about to share with you below.
Flexibility between Departments Is the Name of the Game
When you have a large organization filled with many different teams, they have to be able to collaborate effectively amongst one another in order to achieve their organizational goals. Being agile is all about collaboration. It’s about collaboration between different teams working together. Your marketing team needs to be able to work with your PR team, and your developers and testers need to be able to work together. You can even work with your customers to foster an agile environment.
The easiest way to create flexibility is to institute a common communication platform. By giving everyone the ability to effectively communicate with one another in one place, team members can transfer knowledge to one another and help each other stay on the same page to achieve similar objectives.

And when objectives for a project change – which they always do in a living, breathing situation like this – it will be easy to let the entire team know of the new parameters in regards to the overall project.
Management Should Have a Hands-On Approach in an Agile Team
In the past, the project manager’s main duty was to delegate different tasks to various team members. Those days are far behind us now. Today’s manager has to get down and dirty and in the trenches with the members of their team. They need to develop a hands-on, direct approach.
Why is this important? Well, if you really want to nurture an agile team, management has to be willing to show that they are going to be just as flexible as they expect the members of their team to be.
By leading by example, management will prove to the team beyond the shadow of a doubt that this new agile work environment is here to stay. Once team members begin seeing their managers change, they will naturally fall in line. It’s a trickle-down effect that will have an amazing impact throughout the entire staff.
Using Consultants Intelligently
When a company is attempting to implement a new methodology, from time to time it’s important to bring in outside consultants to help facilitate the changeover so that it goes smoothly. Using consultants intelligently is definitely the smart way to make certain interoffice team related changes.

Third-party consultants are important to your team. So remember to treat them that way. Do your best to nurture them so that they feel like they are part of the family.
Time Management
Time management is always an important aspect of an agile team. And properly tracking time on a project using an online time clock will ensure that team members are meeting their obligations. We recommend tracking time at the assignment level. This will make it easier to properly bill for your services and help the entire staff see their strengths and weaknesses.
Developing an agile team may seem difficult at first. But if you follow the guidance shared today, the transition will go quite smoothly.
Wendy Dessler
Title: Super-Connector at OutreachMama
Wendy is a super-connector with OutreachMama and Youth Noise NJ who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition. You can contact her on Twitter.

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