"Overcoming my fear of poetry"


No! I won’t! I won’t write a poem! 

You can’t make me! Nor will I succumb to my desires. No, no, no…

I’m a researcher. That’s right. I seek knowledge and certainty. I seek soundness and completeness. I seek objective truths. 

For I see the world in black and white. Atop a ship in a sea of gray,

In absolutes, in truth and beauty I can describe the world.

Still, the mighty roar of the foggy ocean, surrounds me on all sides, 

through its cloudy mist light cannot penetrate. I fear what lies beneath the surface.

Einstein was the wisest man alive, as science gives us answers,

or Aristotle, a thinker like no other, with philosophy, more questions, 

I search for land, refuge from an infinite sea. I won’t read Coleridge or Whitman or Thoreau. 

I’ll remain willfully blind to what can’t be described or learned.

I choose not to forsake my judgement in rhetoric and logic,

lest I should become overpowered by my desires within.

I won’t. I’ll lock the chest and throw away the key.

You won’t get a poem out of me. 

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